Monday, May 18, 2015

Liquid Stitch and Applique

Back in 2009 I had a short post about Liquid Stitch and applique.  Since then I have continued to work with it and finally I am going to publish a pattern where it is the primary method used in the quilt contruction.  Hand applique is still my preferred method of applique because I thoroughly enjoy the relaxation that I have while doing it.  I love the look of hand applique and when I use machine applique I still like that look.  I feel that all my patterns can be used with any applique method and that everyone should use the applique method that they like to use.  The quilt that I am working on is an ABC quilt that has 13 appliques that are found in Hawaii.  But all can also be found else where.  It will be a cute childs quilt.

Back to Liquid Stitch.  I dilute it some so that it soaks into the fabric a little better and it is then easier to work with.  By covering the very edge of the fabric it almost eliminates any fraying while you stitch.  I have only had a few threads that have come loose while stitching.  When it is dry it is soft enough that you can hand applique it or machine applique it.  In this quilt I am doing raw edge applique using a blanket stitch but I have also used it in applique with turned under the edges.  More later when I have the quilt completed.

Applique is applique is applique.  Use the method that you enjoy because there are no wrong methods there are only many right methods.

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