Saturday, June 14, 2014

American Made Brand Fabrics Blog Tour.

Next week is the last week of the blog tour of American Made Brand Fabrics.  I hope that you have been following along.  Visit here to see the schedule for the blogs that have all ready been visited.  If you missed some of them you can still go to the blogs and see their blocks. There have been a great variety of  "license plates" made from all over the United States.  Being Hawaii was the last state admitted to the United States my design comes last, June 20th.  Please remember to stop by my blog on Friday and we will end this blog hop with a soft bang.  Hint of what my license plate shows from the state of Hawaii:  Hawaii has had this event going on since 1983.

Check out the American Made Brand Fabrics at your local store and if they don't have them request to have them bring these fabrics into their store.  They are a lovely fine woven fabrics.  Try them you will like them.


  1. I'm back to post my comment again as I received an error message.

    I am a quilter who appreciated seeing all of the things I could enjoy if I visited Hawaii. They'd include Pearl Harbor and its museum, the vanilla growing plantation, the beautiful beaches and scenery, and I would definitely want to take an Hawaiian quilting class. Your license plate block is colorful and represents your state well. Thanks.

  2. I am a quilter. It has been fun and educational to visit all of our beautiful states. The block designs were an ingenious way to show the lovely colors of the AMB of fabrics.