Friday, May 9, 2014

New Plumeria Hawaiian Applique pattern

My New Plumeria Hawaiian Applique pattern
The plumeria is my tenth 18" Hawaiian design.  I love how the center opens up into a flower shape.  The open middle could have a different fabric inserted instead of showing the background fabric.  Imagine the above design with a middle in green, pink or yellow!!  Just another design possibility.  This pattern can be used for a pillow or used as a wall hanging.  Put three or four of these designs together in a row and you have a colorful bed runner! 


  1. Was hit by the most wonderful smell when I got off the plane in January 1987 on my way to church college of hawaii. It was plumeria and everytime I think of hawaii, it's that little,simple flower with the bold aroma that comes to mind. Later, hubby, baby girl and I enjoyed the plumeria plants that grew so easily around our yard...just take a woody stake of it and stick in the ground! Amazing! Also, the Polynesian cultural center's hawaiian section with its gorgeous quilts always inspired me. Just ordered your design...can't wait to try it!