Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sunset Quilting

Sunset Quilting is a quilt pattern that I made from the design that I created for Quilt Passions to use for their Quilting on the Beach retreats.  This is a simple small wall hanging with a lot of punch.  Sunsets are always a wonderful time of the day and quilting down by the ocean as the sunsets would be inspirational.  This pattern will only be sold at Quilt Passions in Kailu Kona, Big Island Hawaii and on my website.

Friday, May 9, 2014

New Plumeria Hawaiian Applique pattern

My New Plumeria Hawaiian Applique pattern
The plumeria is my tenth 18" Hawaiian design.  I love how the center opens up into a flower shape.  The open middle could have a different fabric inserted instead of showing the background fabric.  Imagine the above design with a middle in green, pink or yellow!!  Just another design possibility.  This pattern can be used for a pillow or used as a wall hanging.  Put three or four of these designs together in a row and you have a colorful bed runner!