Monday, November 17, 2014

Seahorse World

My new Hawaiian applique pattern is done!!!  Seahorse World.  Four seahorses hanging around the ocean floor among the sea grasses and coral.  I love this square wall hanging that is small enough that you don't need a big wall for it.
 I made this 36" square but you can widen the border easily and it would look great.  Go for the width of the fabric that you choose for your applique.  I had a beautiful yard of hand dyed fabric that I wanted to use so that is why mine is 36" square.   It has been a while since I took time to do this much hand quilting and I forgot how much I really enjoy hand quilting.  It is so peaceful and relaxing!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Brightly Squared - latest quilt

I have just finished another quilt using my pattern Brightly Squared.  This is such a nice pattern to put together.  In this quilt I used one tropical fish fabric for all the bigger squares.  This quilt was to remind me of looking into an aquarium, maybe the white should have been another blue!!  Since I am having such fun playing around with this pattern this will not be the last time I show you a quilt where I used this pattern.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Beaded Butterfly

My pretty little butterfly.  I beaded this butterfly up and it is ready to sew on to a purse.  The design of the purse has not been decided the ideas are still in my head.  Just another way to use one of the butterflies in my Butterflies For Amy Two pattern.  This purse will go along with me for showing to my class on the Stitchin' Heaven cruise that I am teaching on in Sept.  I will be on a plane to Vancouver in three weeks!!
Now for the finished purse.  I didn't use a pattern, just started cutting and sewing.  It probably would have been a lot easier if I had used an actual purse pattern!  But it works.  I put a pocket on the back and a divided pocket inside.  There is also a zipper under the flap.  It is all ready to go on the cruise.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Butterfly Tote Bag

I just finished making myself a new tote bag.  Since I will be teaching Butterflies for Amy Two on the Hawaiian cruise in Sept.  I put a butterfly on the tote.  It is a really big tote which will be perfect for me to carry most of my class needs.  There are two small pockets on the sides, one deeper than the other and three pockets inside.  It should be perfect for my trip!  This is not a pattern.  I just improvised as I went along!  I wouldn't want someone to critique the construction!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Someone to Watch Over You

I love the honu of Hawaii, turtles to the rest of you.  The pattern that I am just releasing is very meaningful to me.  The first one that I made was for a new great nephew that was born in May. There were so many emotions that I had as I created the quilt for Pierce.  It symbolizes his brother Yates keeping watch over him.  Below is his quilt that is now hanging over his crib.
It is a very spiritual quilt and is one of my favorites.
The finished quilt, in the pattern, measures 20" x 28".  The pattern does not have the instructions for the borders but you can individualize it if you choose.  I love it when you take one of my patterns and make it your own.  Patterns are just a starting point.  Use your imagination and have fun!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July, 2014

Happy 4th of July to all of you in the USA.  It is a pretty morning here in Kailua Kona, Big Island Hawaii after a nice rain shower over night.  The cactus that produces yellow dragonfruit was full of blooms this morning just waiting for all the pollinators to visit.  These are my pictures for the white in red, white and blue. Note the raindrops still on the individual flower.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Winners in the AMB blog tour of the United States

The AMB blog tour of the United States was a big success.  It was so fun to see participants new and old that commented about the tour.  The winner of the Fat Quarter Bundle from AMB is Gab who said "I have enjoyed the blog tour because of all the interesting artists who have made terrific plates for their states.
I am a quilter and love seeing all the techniques used in making the plates."  The winner who will get a package from me containing a collection of AMB fabric pieces, and grown or made in Hawaii products is Michelle.  She said "I'm a quilter, and have loved the entire AMB blog tour. It was so neat seeing a "tour" of every state and seeing the creative license plates that everyone came up with. Your plate is especially lovely. I can't wait to see the finished quilt - it will be amazing."  Congratulations to both.  Let us all continue to make made in the USA important.  I will be offering soon some of my Hawaiian applique kits that will be totally made in the USA.  The quilt made from the blog tour license plate blocks will be in Houston at market and festival this fall.  Please look for it there.

Friday, June 20, 2014

AMB Hawaii License Block

Welcome to the last state in the American Made Brand blog tour.  These cotton fabrics completely made in the United States come in a wonderful array of colors.
They are nice and soft with a tight weave.  Great for all your modern quilts and I think perfect for Hawaiian applique!!
Hawaii was the 50th state to join the United States in 1959.  It is the only U.S. state made up entirely of islands. It is the northernmost island group in Polynesia, occupying most of an archipelago in the central Pacific Ocean. The islands stretch over 1500 miles and are comprised of 132 islands, reefs and shoals. An interesting fact about Hawaii is that it ties Alaska with having the lowest high temperature in the United States.  100 degrees F was reached in 1931.  Even though the weather is tropical it is less hot and humid than most other tropical areas. The day time temperature rarely gets over 90 degrees F.  Just Perfect!! We will take a tour of some of the highlights of Hawaii before I show you the Hawaii License Plate Block that I made for the AMB blog tour of the United States.  If you want to visit Hawaii in person join me on Stitchin' Heaven's cruise to Hawaii September 2014 .  There are still spots available.
There is a lot to cover so let's get on with it, grab a cup of Kona coffee to sip on your tour!  Below is a picture of a coffee tree located in the Kona coffee belt.  There is award winning coffee grown in the Kau district also, plus other areas in the islands.
Along with all the beautiful flowers Hawaii grows a number of fruit crops and vegetables.  Most of you may not know that Hawaii also grows cacao and vanilla.  Below is a picture of pods of cacao grown at the Hawaiian Chocolate Factory Farm on the Big Island of Hawaii.  You can take a interesting factory tour at the farm along with samples of the finished chocolates.

Hawaiian Vanilla Company is also on the Big Island and is the only commercial vanilla farm in the United States.  They also offer tours.  The picture below shows the green vanilla beans, which are from an orchid, growing among anthuriums.
Let's start the tour of the islands by visiting Waikiki with Diamond head in the backgound on the island of Oahu.  Look at that beautiful water.
Remember December 7, 1941!  When you visit Oahu this is a must to see.  Pearl Harbor has a museum and you can visit the USS Arizona Memorial and also the USS Missouri.  Visiting here will give you "chicken skin".  This is a picture of the Arizona Memorial which is built on top of the ship.  Oil still bubbles up from ship after all this time.
Kauai has the wonderfully scenic Na Pali Coast.
You may not know that Kauai also has the wettest spot on earth.  Mt. Waialeale is just lush and lovely with so many waterfalls you don't know where to look.  Taking a helicopter rider on Kauai so that you can get up close and personal with the Na Pali Coast, Waimea Valley and the Mt. Waialeale waterfalls is worth every penny.
Mauii - let's get physical.  Take a van ride to the top of Haleakeala to watch the sunrise.  You better take a jacket or blanket along with you because it will be chilly!

Once the sunset is over the van will take you to 6500 ft. above sea level and you don your rain suit and ride your bike down the mountain.  Sounds fun!!!!  Hmmm, this is for the very brave at heart.
Now we will jump over to the Big Island of Hawaii where I live.  Hula is what everyone associates with Hawaii. In April of every year Hilo holds the Merry Monarch Festival which is a week of hula celebration.  Tickets are hard to get but if you do get one you are in for a real treat.
I just had to show you some of the men!!  There are wonderful groups of men and they are greeted with great cheers from the crowd.  Of course the women have wonderful colorful dresses that they wear and certainly are not going to be out done by the men.
Hawaiian applique is known and loved around the world.  I am so proud and priveleged to teach classes to keep alive this wonderful art.  The classes and my patterns are my way of sharing aloha with visitors from around the world.

Hawaii Island, the Big Island, is made up of five volcanos.  Kohala, Mauna Loa, Mauna Kea, Hualalai, and Kiluaea.  Mauna Loa is a dormant volcano standing almost 14,000 ft. above sea level.  It's peak is the highest point in Hawaii.  Most of Mauna Kea is below sea level and if we measure from its oceanic base it's height is 33,100 ft which is more than twice Mount Everest's base to peak height.  The Hawaiian's consider the mountains sacred and Mauna Kea is the most sacred.  They called it the white mountain. We DO have snow in Hawaii! The lowest temperature recorded in Hawaii was on top of Mauna Kea at 12 degrees F in 1979. This is the home of many observatories. So here is my next photo on our tour of Hawaii.
Sunset on the mountain top with a nice snowfall.  Just BEAUTIFUL.
Not to be out done by this beauty we have the only volcano in the United States that has been active continuously since January 3, 1983.  This is Kilauea which name means spewing or much spreading and it sure has been busy adding to the size of the Big Island of Hawaii.  Kilauea along with our beautiful ocean that surrounds us out here in the middle of the Pacific were my inspiration for my American Made Brand license plate.
I was lucky enough to be able to be in Volcano's National Park when the lava was flowing over the road.  At that time we could walk right up to it.  Hot, hard to breathe and lots of stuff in the air.  But what a thrill! We stayed until it was dark so that we could see the lava flowing into the ocean.  It was a great day with a thrill of a life time. 
That is just a small snap shot of what there is to see in Hawaii.  Now here is my license plate.
The instruction for this block are found here   Please remember that you will have to print it on legal size paper to get the proper size with landscape orientation.  If the pattern only prints one page for you contact me through email and I will send you the pdf file.

The end is here and we all thank Clothworks and American Made Brand for allowing us to go along on their trip around the United States.  To thank you, the fellow traveler and reader, they are giving away a fat quarter bundle of their cotton solids to one person who leaves a comment on my blog, United States only.  Let us know what you enjoyed most about the AMB blog hop.  Please make sure that I can contact you.

To one other blog hopper who leaves a comment I am giving away a packet of my AMB fabrics and a surprise gift package that is from Hawaii.  Another American made product!!  If you are a quilter let me know and I will inclose one of my patterns as well.  Please make sure that I can contact you.  If I can not contact you another name will be drawn.  I will draw names on June 27th.  Mahalo for following the AMB tour of the United States.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

American Made Brand Fabrics Blog Tour.

Next week is the last week of the blog tour of American Made Brand Fabrics.  I hope that you have been following along.  Visit here to see the schedule for the blogs that have all ready been visited.  If you missed some of them you can still go to the blogs and see their blocks. There have been a great variety of  "license plates" made from all over the United States.  Being Hawaii was the last state admitted to the United States my design comes last, June 20th.  Please remember to stop by my blog on Friday and we will end this blog hop with a soft bang.  Hint of what my license plate shows from the state of Hawaii:  Hawaii has had this event going on since 1983.

Check out the American Made Brand Fabrics at your local store and if they don't have them request to have them bring these fabrics into their store.  They are a lovely fine woven fabrics.  Try them you will like them.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sunset Quilting

Sunset Quilting is a quilt pattern that I made from the design that I created for Quilt Passions to use for their Quilting on the Beach retreats.  This is a simple small wall hanging with a lot of punch.  Sunsets are always a wonderful time of the day and quilting down by the ocean as the sunsets would be inspirational.  This pattern will only be sold at Quilt Passions in Kailu Kona, Big Island Hawaii and on my website.

Friday, May 9, 2014

New Plumeria Hawaiian Applique pattern

My New Plumeria Hawaiian Applique pattern
The plumeria is my tenth 18" Hawaiian design.  I love how the center opens up into a flower shape.  The open middle could have a different fabric inserted instead of showing the background fabric.  Imagine the above design with a middle in green, pink or yellow!!  Just another design possibility.  This pattern can be used for a pillow or used as a wall hanging.  Put three or four of these designs together in a row and you have a colorful bed runner! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Quilting on The Beach-Summer Session 2014

Quilt Passions is having a Quilting On The Beach - Summer Session 2014. It will run from July 21 - July 26th. Ron Appell will be back with his adventurous quilts. Pam Bocko is also going to be teaching a couple of classes. Myself (Hawaiian Applique) and other Hawaiian based teachers will be rounding out the schedule. Please join us for some Hawaiian summer fun in Kailua Kona, Big Island Hawaii. Visit Quilt Passions for more information.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Come cruise with me in September

Come cruise with Deb Tucker and myself from Vancouver BC to the Hawaiian Islands, stopping at the major islands. The cruise leaves Vancouver September 12, 2014 and ends in Honolulu September 22. There are still openings available. Visit Stitchin' Heaven Travel for more information and to register.  Tell them you about this fabulous trip from me.  I will be teaching my Butterflies for Amy TWO pattern.
Stitchin' Heaven is putting together a great kit out of colorful batiks and the pieces will all be cut out for you.  So we just get to have all the fun.

Deb Tucker will be teaching her pattern Shaved Ice using her Rapid Fire Hunter's Star tool.

Both of these projects will be great reminders of your trip to Hawaii.  Come along and get to know Deb Tucker, myself and the wonderful Stitchin' Heaven traveling crew! I will be working on a Hawaiian applique project while on the cruise and will have some long for you if you would like a deck side lesson. A little hand work for relaxation!!!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Large Lemons and other local produce and Website Sale

This is tray of local fruits.  The two LARGE lemons on the left are from a tree in our yard.  They are huge, more like grapefruit size than lemon size.  Note the small lemon in front that is more like a normal size one.  Apple bananas and a papaya round out the tray.  The tray is one that is made from a pulp of protea, dried, and then heavily glazed that I found by a Maui artist the first year we were in Hawaii.  It is a perfect tray to put the fruit on. For the month of March I am taking part in the Fabshop Hop and during this time there will be a sale of various products on my website. You don't have to take part in the shop hop to take advantage of the sale.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Goats and Kona Nightingale mowing the bank!

The goat herder unloaded a group of goats and a donkey to take care of a bank that had gotten over grown with weeds. They seem perfectly happy to be cleaning up.
The goats are in many colors and sizes and seem perfectly happy to be taking care of business. So it goes-lawn mowing in Hawaii!!!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Butterflies For Amy Two in Batiks

Butterflies For Amy Two pieced with glorious bright batiks is all quilted. This is the quilt pattern that we will be using on my quilting cruise with Stitchin' Heaven in September. We leave from Vancouver BC and sail across the Pacific to the Hawaiian Islands. Stitching all the way for five days. Once in the islands you get to just relax and enjoy with stops in the four major island. Stitchin' Heaven is making batik precut kits for your ease. They do the work and we get to have fun putting it together. There are still spots available if you would like to join us. To read about the trip and sign up go to:

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Life On The Reef

This is a picture of my beautiful honu that is swimming on my new pattern Life On The Reef. The pattern is now available for you to purchase. This was a fun quilt to make and when I quilted it I added a lot of ghost fish and sea weed in the background. This is a new honu or turtle and you all know how I love my honus. This one comes along with quite a few of his local tropical fish friends. All the fabrics in the sample are from Hoffman Fabrics. Quilt Passions in Kailua Kona will be using this pattern for their BOM of 2014. There are also a couple of others that have expressed interest in using it as a BOM also. Check out the full quilt on my website. Stay warm out there to all my friends experiencing the cold temperatures on the mainland of the United States.