Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sea Crystal Quilted

Finally I got back to finishing up Sea Crystal, the little quilt that I am teaching at Quilting on the Beach, 2014, in Kailua Kona, Hawaii. This is a fun little quilt to learn how to do my TNM (Tear No More) foundation piecing method. Who was I channeling as I did the quilting, because this does not look like my normal quilting? I have been machine quilting all my smaller pieces for quite a few years but this is certainly the best I have done.
Now for a look at the front.
I hope this encourages you to join me in the class. There are still openings, come to Hawaii in February 2014!!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Peaceful Honu times two!

Peaceful Honu is my newest pattern and she is a lovely turtle just peacefully cruising through the water. The first one I made was all batiks and I used a turtle print for the border. Then I decided that she would be really pretty made out of Oriental fabrics. I had never appliqued using Oriental fabrics before. You really need to have a very sharp thin needle in order to get through the gold and other finish put on them. Also I found that if you went into the fabric at a straighter angle the needle went through easier. I think that they both are lovely but give a different look to the little quilt. This small wall hanging measures 17" x 20" so it works up pretty fast even if you are doing it in hand applique, as I do. For those that fuse, go for it. Applique is applique is applique. One pattern works for any method of applique that you prefer to do.