Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tropically Orchid

The next in my Tropically series is done.  This one is Tropically orchid.  First I will show you a picture of the orchid that I was going for.  This was on a neighbors plant and it had very large gorgeous flowers on it.
Fabrics that matched the color did not seem to be in my stash so I tried lavender at first and ruled that out since it seemed want to look blue in a picture.  And I just didn't like it.  So then I found the following picture of a yellow orchid and said that is where I want to go.

The yellow that I used were not quite as brilliant as this picture shows but they make a lovely yellow cattylea orchid. 

There are now four Tropically done in this series.  You can combine them to make a variety of wall hangings.  Thery are all the same width.  Here is a computer generated example putting the four of them together.
Putting one square on and one long one together would look nice also.  Enjoy my touch of tropical spring.


  1. Absolutely beautiful.... you are soooo talented.

  2. Thank you-the wonderful flowers that I see around me do most of the work.