Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tropically Red Ginger

Flowers for spring and we had a beautiful rain yesterday to help with the blossoms. 

This week I released the third in my Tropically series and this one is Tropically Red Ginger.  It is another easy design for those that like hand applique.  Of course, if you are a fuser that doesn't leave you out at all.  As I always say: applique is applique is applique.  One method is not better than another, just do the one that you enjoy with the pattern that you like.  Lecture over!!  We have red gingers growing in our yard and their bright hot color is always a joy to see.   This can be put together with the Tropically Hibiscus for a nice small wall hanging. 
This is the same size as Tropically Bamboo.  The next in the series will be a small square the size of Tropically Hibiscus.  The next one is causing me some problems.  I have appliqued it twice in two sizes and I am still not pleased with it.  Is it the color, size, flower or what?  The Hawaiians say if there are bad or uncomfortable feelings while working on a quilt put it away and forget it.  Maybe that is exactly what I should do-BUT I want to finish this series so you can put the four together in your own Tropically quilt.  Time to reflect and enjoy the pretty sunshiney morning we are having.

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