Sunday, February 3, 2013

Rainbow at Sea

Rainbow at Sea just came back from the quilter.  This was not just any quilter but Angela Walters.  She has been quilting up a storm on the mainland and if you want to know more about her visit her blog Quilting is My Therapy  Rainbow at Sea is made up of storm at sea blocks colored in rainbow colors.  For once I didn't use as many fabrics as I could but kept it simple with just a few fabrics.  Oh, how it could sing with lots of fabrics!  
Now for a couple of pictures of the quilting.  Angela used the same design is all the inside blocks.  But check out how she quilted the individual elements.  It was enjoyable to hand sew on the binding and see all the detail in the quilting.  The back is just as pretty as the front without the interference of the fabric colors.  I wanted a plain back just for this purpose.  The border I especially liked.  It looks like a complex series of rolling waves.  Now that's my interpretation yours could be completely different!  Usually I use as many fabrics as I can to show motion in the quilt, this time the quilting is really the standout element.  ***Class for this quilt on February 14th at Quilt Passions.*** 


  1. How exciting for you to have an Angela Walters quilt job. :D This is a really fun quilt, too.

  2. Thank you Lyn. I was thrilled for her to do it.