Sunday, October 7, 2012

Rainbow at Sea

It is a lovely morning as the sun is just getting ready to rise over Hualalai, the rain may be going away for the morning at least.  Not that I will complain about the rain since we have had such a lack of it lately. 

Rainbow at Sea is a pattern using the storm at sea block, which is one of my favorite blocks.  I used it in The Protector and have also taught a class just on the block itself. Now I have written this pattern which features the colors of the rainbow with the storm at sea block.  It looks beautiful.  I give instructions using my TNM (Tear No More) paper piecing technique along with a traditional piecing method.  This is a great pattern to learn the TNM technique since it is a larger block with out a lot of spikey points and a beginner could tackle this and still enjoy it.
Have a great day!

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