Friday, October 26, 2012

Amy's Creative Side Blogger's Fall Quilt Festival 2012

Amy's Creative SideWelcome and thank you to Amy for having her fall 2012 Blogger's Quilt Festival There are always beautiful quilts and stories to see and hear about. 
The quilt that I want to share is called Hope Blooms.  This quilt was made for an online quilt magazine in 2009.  They had asked if there was anyone that wanted to design a breast cancer awareness quilt.  Since I had many friends that had been touched by breast cancer I quickly replied that I would be glad to design a quilt.  The flower has the pink ribbon of hope as part of its design.  This quilt was sent off to be photographed for the online magazine and I just got it back at the end of September. Just in time for October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  When I opened the packaged I was so happy to see the pretty pink colors in this quilt and thought to myself that I had forgotten how pretty it was.  Ironically, the next week one of my nieces was diagnosed with breast cancer.  It just goes to show that there is a reason for everything.  Last Friday it was at Kona Hospital for their celebration of Hope.  Please everyone remember your friends that have been touched with breast cancer and go and have your mammogram.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Orgainization before Piecing

This is how I orgainize myself before I start piecing.  I find that if I have it all laid out and labeled I can just breeze through the piecing.  These pieces are for the red block in my Rainbow at Sea quilt.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Rainbow at Sea

It is a lovely morning as the sun is just getting ready to rise over Hualalai, the rain may be going away for the morning at least.  Not that I will complain about the rain since we have had such a lack of it lately. 

Rainbow at Sea is a pattern using the storm at sea block, which is one of my favorite blocks.  I used it in The Protector and have also taught a class just on the block itself. Now I have written this pattern which features the colors of the rainbow with the storm at sea block.  It looks beautiful.  I give instructions using my TNM (Tear No More) paper piecing technique along with a traditional piecing method.  This is a great pattern to learn the TNM technique since it is a larger block with out a lot of spikey points and a beginner could tackle this and still enjoy it.
Have a great day!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tropically Bamboo

Tropically Bamboo is my second pattern released in my Tropically series.  This and Tropically Hibiscus are both patterns that a beginner can do.  They are simple but have a lovely finished look to them that is slightly beyond the typical square setting.  Putting them together makes a nice wall hanging.