Saturday, October 8, 2011

Quilting on The Beach

The brochures for Qulting on the Beach are ready.  Please visit Come Quilt With Me to request a brochure.  There are over 15 classes being offered along with two bus trips and a luau.  You get to pick which classes you want in building your quilting retreat.  I have two classes schedules at this event:  Welcome Pineapple which is a wall hanging of three pineapples along with palm frond done in my TNM (Tear No More) paper piecing technique and Monstera Morning which is a small wall hanging done in traditional hand applique done with the back basting method.  This can also be made be used for a pillow top.  Both of these patterns will be new designs that I am creating just for this event.

Classes are being offered by Pat Yamin, Amy Bradley, Sharon Pederson, Judy Veltidi, Annabelle Treacy, Mary Moody-Cox, Mariah Bath, Karen Barry, Robert Barry, Susan Distel, and myself. This should be a great event and I hope that you can join us! 

There is not a Hawaiian applique class offered at the retreat but I will have my usual Hawaiian applique class at Quilt Passions on Wed, Feb. 15, 1-4pm if you want to take that also.

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