Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blogger's Quilt Festival Fall 2011


The fall 2011 Blogger's Quilt Festival put on by Amy's Creative Side starts , October 28, 2011.  This is a great opportunity to see what other quilters are up to.  Please take time to visit all the quilters and add your words of praise.

My quilt is one that I made for the birth of Etta who was born to Erin and Alex in Minnesota.  We watched Alex grow up and now they have a beautiful little girl to create their family.  When I asked what colors they wanted Erin came back with mustard yellow, soft green, blue, brown and orange.  This seemed like an interesting combination.  I found a great juvenile print with animals done in Hawaiian prints.  Being that Alex is often seen in a Hawaiian shirt I knew this was the perfect border fabric for my quilt.  The quilt really leans towards the boy side in colors but seeing that Alex came from a family of three boys I thought there was a good chance we would be seeing another little boy.  However I did put in a little pinkish orange that didn't shout pink to me.
I hope that you enjoy seeing this interlocking pinwheel pattern and I that Etta will make good use of it.  I really enjoyed making this interlocking pinwheel using my tear no more paper piecing method. 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Quilting on The Beach

The brochures for Qulting on the Beach are ready.  Please visit Come Quilt With Me to request a brochure.  There are over 15 classes being offered along with two bus trips and a luau.  You get to pick which classes you want in building your quilting retreat.  I have two classes schedules at this event:  Welcome Pineapple which is a wall hanging of three pineapples along with palm frond done in my TNM (Tear No More) paper piecing technique and Monstera Morning which is a small wall hanging done in traditional hand applique done with the back basting method.  This can also be made be used for a pillow top.  Both of these patterns will be new designs that I am creating just for this event.

Classes are being offered by Pat Yamin, Amy Bradley, Sharon Pederson, Judy Veltidi, Annabelle Treacy, Mary Moody-Cox, Mariah Bath, Karen Barry, Robert Barry, Susan Distel, and myself. This should be a great event and I hope that you can join us! 

There is not a Hawaiian applique class offered at the retreat but I will have my usual Hawaiian applique class at Quilt Passions on Wed, Feb. 15, 1-4pm if you want to take that also.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tulip Time

It's a little early for tulips, I will admit.  This small quilt was made using my Tulip Duet pattern.  All the fabrics were hand dyed by Carlene Keller, who also lives on the Big Island of Hawaii.  She does a beautiful job and it is great to work with her fabrics.  The tulip flowers were made using her silk/cotton fabric which really gives them a wonderful shine.  She will have this quilt with her at the Pacific International Quilt Show in Santa Clara which runs October 13-16.  If you are there stop at the booth and see her beautiful fabrics along with three of her friends.