Sunday, August 7, 2011

Organization for Dancing Pinwheels

Organization is a must with my pattern Dancing Pinwheels.  First off you need to decide where you want your fabrics to go and there is a worksheet provided to assist with this.  If you just start cutting before you are sure where each fabric is going there will be cutting errors and wasted fabric.  Coloring in the worksheet will make the process go much faster in the long run.  I know everyone wants to jump to the machine but wasting fabric is really a bad thing. Today I worked on setting up a small sample that I am going to make and here is a picture of how I set up my pieces after cutting. 
I also label my paper piecing foundations so that I know where each color is going.  Another time saver in the long run.  Now I can sit down at my machine and stitch away without having to think to much about what I am doing.  Another time saveris that with my TNM (Tear No More) paper piecing technique you don't have any paper to remove.  I really like that.  In the pattern I have provided all these organizational suggestions.

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