Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy and safe Fourth of July

For those of you that reside in the United States I wish you a Happy and Safe Fourth of July.

I have been busy working on a new pattern that is a very interesting and fun pinwheel design.  With this pattern I am using a paper piecing technique without sewing through the paper.  I have not seen or heard of anyone else doing paper piecing in this exact way, but then again, if I thought of it someone else probably did also.  Since I have some repetitive use problems with my wrists it is not pleasant to tear away the paper when paper piecing, so that is why I decided to try a different approach.  Before I have used a foundation and stitched on top of that, and then you leave the foundation in.  Actually, this is a pretty good method for wall hangings because it gives them real body.  But I am really liking this new method. The pattern,Dancing Pinwheels, will be available by end of July or early August.  Here is a peak at the center of a block just to intrique you.  The fabrics that I am using are from Hoffman Fabrics shown at spring market and they will be available in Sept. or October.


  1. Barbara, I like this new design a lot. Looks really fun!

  2. Thanks Renee, wait until you see the whole thing. I am really enjoying it.

  3. I really love this pinwheel. Kinda classy. Hugs