Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Under the Sea-With Me

Finally I have finished my Under The Sea-With Me.  This quilt is made using my three patterns in the series.  The graceful manta ray, the glorious colored parrot fish and the pretty little yellow tang grace this quilt beautifully as a small segment of the Hawaiian waters. It seems other projects kept getting in the way and that is why it has taken my so long to finish this quilt.  I think it looks pretty good and would look even better if someone were to embellish it with beads.  Hopefully one of you will do that and send me a picture.  I love seeing pictures of what others do with my patterns.


  1. Barbara, I've just found your blog and love the work you do. Really beautiful. I love all things Hawaiian, too, and we share an ocean, as I live on the California coast. I have a quilt reminiscent of "Under the Sea" which is still only partially finished. Under the Sea is really beautiful. I'll be keeping up with you.

  2. Thank you! I think the ocean air just increases out creativity. Barbara