Friday, October 29, 2010

Orchid Inspiration

Aren't these just wonderful blooms?  The first picture  was taken a couple of weeks ago and the second one today.  The plant now has three orchids on one stem, showing the two older blooms in the background.  I spotted this at a neighbors house.  They happen to be out of town and I brought it home to admire and smell.  I hate to waste it!!  Nature shows us amazing things.

Lonestar Rose

LONESTAR ROSE is a quilt that I recently finished for my newest grandniece Nevaeh Kiana in honor of her birth.  I had never made a lonestar before and after reading a couple of books about the technique I was ready to start. Jan Krentz has a book that is really most helpful and well written.  The quilt went together quite easily, which did surprise me.  Taking your time and being precise is the key.   The colors that I chose, which I call bright baby, worked out very well in complimenting the wild rose pattern that I designed.  The top block of applique is the family block with roses or buds for each one in their family.  I hope that Nevaeh and her family can enjoy this quilt for many years to come.  For those of you who know about Inklingo, the lonestar is very Inklingo friendly.
The rose bud represents Nevaeh and the roses for her parents, Darrick and Carla.