Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hawaii Flower Inspirations

The tropical flowers that are all around us in Hawaii can give us so much inspiration.  The colors are glorious and we can look to them for color combinations that just sing. 
  I will be showing you some of the flowers that I see in my garden and around the island so that you too can see the beauty that surrounds us here in the Hawaiian Islands.

The picture above is a hanging heliconia that grows in my garden.   It was used in my Hawaiian applique pattern Heliconia Hearts which is pictured below.  Visit my Web Site to order this pattern or see all the other Hawaiian applique patterns that are available.


  1. This is simply beautiful. I love the pattern!

  2. Thank you. This pattern was my first Hawaiian quilt pattern and I still love the secondary pattern of the hearts. I always thought it would make a good bridal quilt made with neutrals.

  3. I love how you posted a photo of the real thing along with your quilt. It makes me appreciate the pattern even more (if that's possible.)