Sunday, February 28, 2010

Under the Sea update

This week the parrotfish has been added.  I am comfortable with hand applique and like how it looks so I have used the back baste method of applique to put on both the manta ray and the parrotfish. But for those who like to fuse these patterns will work very well. I really believe we all have to find our comfort level in our craft and go for it.  Learn many methods and then use the ones that you are comfortable with.  The parrotfish looks cartoonish but really they are very colorful and there is one out in the ocean that has the same coloration as this one, maybe just a little more turquoise in nature.  Now I will put on the yellow tang before putting in all the coral and sand.  So far I am liking how this is turning out.

Yesterday we had a tsunami warning that thankfully did not get as big as was predicted.  It was good to see the evacuation of the areas close to the water worked very well.  The sirens went off at 6am and I thought tornado, having grown up in Minnesota this was an ingrained response.  Then I quickly thought tsunami and turned on the tv.  What we did get was very interesting to watch and the fastness of the water moving in and out really gets your attention. It is easy to see why a large tsunami would cause so much destruction. 

Happy stitching to all, Barbara

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Under the Sea quilt-a work in progress

This is the beginning of my Under the Sea-With Me quilt combining together the three patterns in the series.  I did not want a solid background but something that added movement to the piece.  At first I was thinking of using twelve inch storm at sea blocks using blues all in the same tone, with different textures to them.  After making one I decided that was not for me.  Adding three waves of similar tones of blue fabric onto my primary background seems to fill the bill for my idea of water movement.   In the photo the manta ray is all appliqued and the sea weed is just laying on the fabric.  Right now I have the sea weed attached and will be starting to add the parrotfish.  I will post a picture when that is done.

Happy stitching to all. 

Monday, February 1, 2010

Newest Under the Sea-With Me

In the last couple of years a few of you have asked me to make a pattern for a manta ray and I have finally done it.  Maddie, this delightful graceful creature is finally done.  This is the third in a series of ocean wall hangings.  Under the Sea-With Me-Manta Ray can be combined with the other two small Under the Sea quilts, Yellow Tang and Parrotfish for a nice ocean scene.  I will be making a combined quilt and when it is done it will be posted.  Would a pieced background using light blues look good?  The fabrics would have to be very close in value so as not to make the quilt too busy.  It is something I have to think about and any imput from you is always appreciated.