Friday, November 13, 2009

Ovarian Cancer

November 11th was a beautiful day and a very clear starlit night but it also became a sad day as the world lost a courageous person.  Penny Van Beek who asked me to make a quilt for Minnesota Ovarian Cancer a few years ago has passed away.  The quilt Blooming Hope that is shown in an earlier post is the quilt that we came up with for their raffle.  Recently, as I was working on a new pattern I needed a name for it.  My patchwork quilt Penny Cove was also named after her as a way to send hugs across the ocean.  My cousin Arlette Carlson also was battling this cancer at the same time as Penny and she also lost her life recently.  This cancer is often found too late to treat successful but with research we are slowly making progress.  May we all continue to support research to help in the treatments so that the suffering that goes on with this disease can be lessened.

Under the Sea_With Me-Parrotfish

Here he is in all his glory.  A gorgeous parrotfish down among the coral.  The second quilt in my Under the Sea series. The parrotfish is a relative of the colorful wrasses that are also tropical fish.  Where do the beautiful coral sand beaches come from?  Well part of it comes from the parrotfish who scrapes off the algae on the coral and also some of them munch up the coral and what they excrete becomes sand!!! Now aren't you glad that you have learned that?  I completely fused and machine appliqued this little wall hanging but it certainly can be done with hand applique for those that choose.  If you want to purchase this pattern please visit my web site.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Next Under the Sea-With Me

Here is a peak at my next Under the Sea-With Me.  Does anyone know what kind of a fish this is?  Leave a comment and one of you will get a free pattern when it is finished.  This has been so much fun to work on and the fish is absolutely gorgeous!!!!  I brought out the stash to go through while picking out the fabrics that would come close to the colors of this fish in the ocean.  Stay tuned and keep on stitching.  Barbara