Friday, October 23, 2009

Quilt Repair

My newest pattern is Penny Cove.  As I stated in the blog before there were some misplaced fabrics in my lap/wall hanging size quilt.  I saved the quilt by appliqueing the proper pieces on top of the offenders.  Then I turned the quilt over and with a marker went over my quilting lines.  I unsewed the quilting lines and requilted them.  Unless someone really got close and personal with it I don't think anyone will notice.  See if you can find the changes.  The fabrics are both in the green family but one is lighter and brighter.  Sorry the pictures look like they have different colors.

The offender is on the left and the actual quilt that is now on  the pattern cover is on the right.  On both sides of the quilt there were two squares in the outer two rows that were changed.  The other ones changed are in the third and fourth row from the top and in the middle. 

It is so easy to change pieces around as we move them  to our sewing machines.  Many times I put a pin on the tops of the finished blocks so that I know which end is up.  Didn't do it here and it lost me a few days.  Live and learn, and I hope that my error will help you.

Happy note:  The humpback whales are back on vacation.  They come down to the Hawaiian Islands for the winter to play, have babies and mate. I have been told they do not eat while here because they are having so much fun in the sun.  When they head back to Alaska in the spring there will be plenty of time for eating.

Keep on stitching.

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