Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Machine quilting

I have been busily machine quilting lately.  This has never been my favorite task and I would be so tense that it was never fun.  Anything that I could think of to do to get myself away from it was what I did.  Finally I am beginning to loosen up and I am not telling myself you are ruining a perfectly fine quilt all the time as I am quilting along.  It has always been a very noisey project!!!   I love the quiet calming effect of hand quilting but some projects just do not need hand quilting.  The project I have going now is for my new pattern that will be called Penny Cove.  It is named after my friend Penny Van Beek who is battling ovarian cancer.  Naming my quilts after people is my way of sending out hugs and good vibrations from a far.  I am not brave enough to quilt the queen size version and it will be taken to a long arm quilter once I find the perfect backing fabric.  The pattern will probably come out with just the wall hanging size pictured on the cover.  Now back to the machine and may it be a quiet day today.

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